Now Available - 
Prey of the Scavenger 
a serial killer terrorizes a city - 
will Homocide get him 
or will he get Homocide first?

Book 3, The Chosen,in the Of Atlantis series will be released late spring 2011.

Book 2, Skulls of Salvation,

 5-book series, 
Of Atlantis.
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"Twas the Night Before Christmas Dark"
"And they Ride"
The Prologue to Skulls of Salvation 
Chapter Chapter 1 - Of Atlantis



Twenty dark poems by Lady Lanaia Lee’s. These hauntingly dark poems are read by Viktor Aurelius, whose equally haunting voice compliments the imagery of Lanaia’s chilling words. Ghosts, ancient gods, historical events and people, even the 2012 Doomsday Prophecy are some the subjects brought to life within this audio masterpiece. Listen and be transported into another world by the deep, breathy tones of this Vampire’s voice.   

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Lanaia Lee's  scary Poetry!