Of Atlantis  

Synopsis of Book One

Of Atlantis is an epic fantasy novel based upon the king of Atlantis known as Archimedes.  Archimedes is blessed with a source of untapped power - a power to heal and a power to destroy. His mother, Cheris, trusts this power, but his father, King Lionus fears it, making him suspicious and distrustful of the young prince, his only son.


"Of Atlantis, I think it is absolutely beautiful. I have to offer a caveat here - this is not my genre. Historical fiction, historical romance, historical fantasy - I have never attempted to write any of it. I am strictly American Hardboiled. I agree with Raymond Chandler, don't write about anything you haven't slugged in the nose. Having said that, your characters are brilliantly drawn. The descriptive passages are sensuous and tangible. The story runs on its own logic, as if it wrote itself. The Native Americans believe that you know. They say that when a story finds an author worthy, it taps them on shoulder. 
...This is good Lanaia, really good. Your deserve all the good that comes from it."


Barbara Banger, author

Archimedes loves his royal father, even though the older man carries as much or more fear of his son than any he might have when going into one of the many battles the King of Atlantis faces. Rather than the halcyon, highly advanced civilization many authors have portrayed the lost kingdom to be, this Atlantis is much like Greece or Rome, albeit a touch more magical Treachery, violence, forbidden love, religion, and politics make up the complex web that forms its society until the day the waves sweep it into being nothing more than a legend. Yet, it is not the end, for its last royal, Archimedes will live on through the ages. This is his story. 

 In great detail, the author brings life in this imaginary society to such life that you can believe it truly existed.  Archimedes moves from boyhood into being a fascinating man with a rich history that readers will look forward to discovering in the books yet to come. One particularly wonderful aspect of this novel is the beautiful poetry that highlights it. That feature alone will make bibliophiles want to buy a second copy, the audio form, to be able to hear the music of the words as well as reading them.

Amanda Kilgore, author
For Film Consideration 
By Betty Jo Tucker
Film Critic and Autbor

Into her bubbling cauldron of creativity, author Lanaia Lee decided to toss such tempting ingredients as fantasy, magic, romance, betrayal, revenge, and the eternal battle of good vs. evil. The result? Of Atlantis, a novel that’s very hard to put down once you start reading it.

Because I’m a confirmed movie addict, I always read a book with the question of how successful the story might be as a film in the back of my mind. And this one practically screams out “destined to be a movie” -– or a television mini-series. The longstanding struggle between its great hero, King Archimedes of Atlantis, and the equally powerful villain, Uric, generates more than enough suspense to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Enhancing the plot are other colorful characters including: 

   ⋆ Cheris -- a beautiful Queen who suffers through a loveless marriage to an abusive monarch.

   ⋆ Persius -- Cheris’ champion, a man dedicated to protecting the Queen and her son

   ⋆ Janus -- a two-faced traitor who can’t wait to send Persius to his doom. 

Bloody battle scenes also add to the excitement of this imaginative fantasy epic, as do the exotic settings which form the backdrop for its thrilling action.  

Unfortunately, Hollywood usually takes a long time to make up its mind about which films to greenlight, so I hope you’ll buy Of Atlantis in its current book form. If you follow my advice, you're in for a memorable journey back to the lost continent of Atlantis -- plus a few more recent surprises.   

Skulls of Salvation
Book 2 in the Of Atlantis Series

The long awaited sequel (Part 2 of 5) to the wildly popular Of Atlantis is finally here! Skulls of Salvation follows Damien, successor to the powerful Archimedes, and his wife, Ionna as the battle against the forces of evil that threaten to end civilization as we know it.  Determined to find three of the missing crystal skulls of Belize which offer the only hope to preventing the completion of the doomsday prophecy of the Mayans, they must first defeat a age-old enemy, Uric, whose relentless quest threatens to take mankind to its final destruction on December 21, 2012. Through rugged rain forests, Mayan ruins and underground caverns, they forge onward.  Will they succeed?
Find out!

Prey of the Scavenger 

An insidious and evil killer is on the loose.  He slaughters his victims and taunts the homocide squad.  It's up to Dereck and Dwayne to bring him to justice. With the help of FBI profiler, Charlene, they begin to unravel the clues, but each advance brings another unexpected twist in the investigation.  A cliff hanger till the very end, this book will keep you turning pages with eager anticipation!

A review by Oro Shango, Radio Network Owner, Producer and Broadcaster

Prey of the Scavenger will GRAB you from the beginning and gently tighten it's grip with every page you turn, pulling you into the twisted mind of a serial killer along with with the minds of the people who pursue him. Being a long time fan of horror fiction, I can tell you that Ms. Lee's work is on the same level as Steven King, Clive Barker, and Dean R Koontz, 3 of my all time favorites. I dare you to lay it down. The twists and turns this story offers up will keep you guessing to the very end and the ending will leave you wondering about your sanity."
Paradox Five

A team of experts descends on a secret military base in the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina in the United States. Each team member is skilled in varied fields of scientific and sociological research. What is the purpose of the gathering? What calamities might befall humanity unless this team accepts challenges the United States’ Department of Defense (DoD) requires? Lanaia Lee’s story provides alternative results to The Third Reich and Hitler’s former terror and asks What if the Hitler’s original plans included an alternate universe? Could Adolph Hitler have had an ulterior path to reach his aspirations, dreams and intentions for humanity? Many conspiracy theorists believe Hitler lived out the remaining years of his life in seclusion in South America in the country of Argentina. Some even believe he had unknown numbers of heirs who are alive today. If this were true, would those heirs follow in the footsteps of their grand-father? Would they work to achieve the evil ochlocracy he desired? You have to read Paradox Five to answer these questions and to learn more. Revel in this tale of unorthodoxy.
Could an elite military team time travel to save the world from annihilation and change the course of history?
A Sci-Fi Thriller that leaves you wondering. Could it really be true....?
There has been speculation that Adolf Hitler escaped and may have gone to South America. Other people have said they had seen him around other parts of Germany. Whatever the stories, there is no evidence of a dead body belonging to Adolf Hitler.

Hitler used a double, especially after the close attempt on his life in the Valkyrie incident. What the Russians found when they arrived in Berlin, was the dead body of a man looking like Hitler, but in all accounts was his double. This man was apparently two inches shorter than Adolf Hitler. 

“Makaiah, as an expert in hand-to-hand combat your job is to protect the team, but only as a last resort. Expressly, your skills in ancient weaponry are of highest value, because where you are traveling may require use of those ancient weapons. We’ve noted your training in varied historical weapons with intense interest.

“Each of you has had Special Ops training, and we believe maintain essential skills required for this mission. Together, you make one hell of a team.

“Boris is an enemy unlike any the world has yet to have seen. We believe, based on his paternal status alone, he is considered a leader of the Invisible Empire. And, other than the Department of Defense’s Black Ops, no one knows the Invisible Empire even exists.

“If Boris successfully militarizes every major Neo-Nazi group in Europe, the Americas and parts of Asia while using time travel as a resource, we expect warfare on a global scale. This will result in neighbor rising up against neighbor; converts will reign from history and pervert the current day by altering history.

“If Boris executes his grand-father’s will, and if he succeeds, it will be the potential for total annihilation. It may indeed result in World War III, with Hitler’s grandson sitting and relishing in the glory of it all.”
​In this first book of five, we follow King Lionus as he returns victorious from yet another war among the countries of the continent of Atlantis.  He has been led to believe a false tale of his wife’s infidelity and turns against her, driving him slowly into debauchery and decline.  Loyal to the end, Cheris, endures his alienation and resentment while nurturing her son, Archimedes, from his childhood until he is crowned king, marries and has children of his own. Cheris, accepts her celibate and loveless marriage out of a duty to her subjects and to Archimedes, her only child who she values more than life itself.  

When Uric, a trusted advisor to King Lionus proves to be Archimedes’ archenemy, political turmoil ensues and the constant threat of war could tear Atlantis apart and bring devastation to mankind. Uric, too, has tremendous powers but those powers must be continually fed or he will die.  He knows and covets the true strength of the enduring powers of Archimedes who has long suspected Uric’s evil tendencies.  Eventually, Archimedes will come face to face with Uric’s demonic character – but who will survive to play instrumental roles in major historical events through the centures? 
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